Bussiness FAQ

For regular samples,like 15 by 15 cm,or 10 by 10 cm,we can provide for free,but you have to pay the freight.

For Chinese granite or marble quarries, it is actually a government. All companies have only mining rights and management rights. How much volume is mined in the quarry to pay the government. Our company is purchased directly from the quarry mining rights holders. So we can offer you some cheap and good products. China’s quarry is different from foreign countries in that all of China’s mineral resources belong to the state and cannot be owned by private individuals.

TT prepaid 40% and the remaining 60% was paid before shipment. (sample order 100% prepayment)

The sample just tells you the appearance of the stone. Since the stone is a natural product, it cannot guarantee the absolute same. It is possible that the color and texture will differ. If necessary, I will send you more slab pictures and engineering cases of the same product for your reference, so that the information you get will be much more comprehensive.

First of all, we need your company to provide a copy of your installation plan.

Secondly, we make a layout number based on the specifications of your company.

Finally, we numbered and typed the products we produced according to the numbered drawings confirmed by both parties. Then boxed, your company can go back and install according to our typesetting number.

First of all, the packing we export is different from other packing.

The following are the packaging requirements and packing requirements of our products.Of course, sometimes different packaging can be customized according to different needs of customers.Please refer to our packing manual.

As the stone material is fragile, we cannot guarantee whether the goods are damaged during transportation. Your company can provide “all risks” for the goods.If the goods are damaged in transit, you can ask the insurance company for compensation at first.