Granite slab stone used for Types and applications indoor

Granite slab stone in Indoor Use

For the construction of houses, the preference is always to use long-lasting materials that require low maintenance and is easy on your pockets while also not sacrificing the interior’s quality and look. Granite almost fulfills all the attributes mentioned above and has been primarily used in construction since ancient times. Granite is one of the most abundant rocks found on earth and is mainly formed from quartz. It is granular in texture, almost waterproof and exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, and breaking. Granite requires low maintenance and is generally considered to be the most substantial rocks found on earth. Its appearance and ruggedness are mostly used outdoors, but it can also be used indoors. Modern indoors have found granite to be the most elegant and economical choice for the décor. Granite comes in many types and textures that depend on the area where it was initially extracted from. Choosing the right kind of granite for your indoor can be difficult, especially if you don’t have beforehand knowledge. Following are the most commonly granite types used indoors:

natural snow mountain silver fox granite slab for countertop

Rosa Beta Granite Slab Stone

This type of granite is found in the Sardinian region of Italy and is pink. Rosa Beta Granite is also known by the name Sardinian Pink Granite and is another most desirable granite forms globally. It has a pinkish ting with a greyish background and white spots. This granite type is extremely durable and waterproof, making it an obvious choice for any indoor construction.

Crystal White Granite Slab Stone

As the name suggests, this granite is white in its appearance with grey and white grains all over the slab. It is mainly found and quarried in Brazil and is one of the most popular used granite indoors. When carved and polished into White Granite Tiles, it can uplift the room’s appearance and give it a shiny look. Due to its white color and beautiful texture, it is a popular granite type used to decorate various indoors. It is also used to make indoor and outdoor furniture.

Black Bengal Granite Slab Stone

This beautiful type of granite is only found in India’s Bengal region and belongs to the black granite family. The granite is characterized by a mixture of dark grey, white and black grains with a greenish streak running through them. This unique combination of colors and patterns makes it look beautiful and gives a sophisticated look. It is most commonly used in flooring, walls, pavement, and other decorative settings. But mostly when it is carved and polished into a tile, then an interior with Black Granite Tiles will always look a bit unique and a lot more beautiful and elegant.

Tiger White Granite

The type of granite unique to China is widely mined in China.It belongs to the white granite family and mostly used in China compared to the rest of the world. Tiger White Granite has a mosaic design infused with black, grey, and white colors that give this slab of granite its uniqueness. It is also very durable and low maintenance which makes it an ideal choice for any indoor usage. It is mostly used in interior walls, window sills, and staircases. Its unique design and subtleness in color make it a popular choice for any indoor construction.

Alaskan White Granite

This is the finest and one of the most expensive granite slabs used in indoor decors. It also belongs to the white granite family and is mined in Brazil. This granite is famous because of the variety of color ranges it comes in; the pattern and color difference depending on the region where it is quarried. It can be a light to dark brown shade, or it can be a silver and gray shade on a white background. Beautiful and popular type of granite, which also contributes to its value. Mainly used for countertops, floors and interior walls.


Amazonite is one of the most precious granite types featuring in this list. It is quarried only in Brazil and belongs to the green family of granite. The claim to its beauty is its wide spectrum of colors which blend with a green background to give it an unearthly look. The color ranges from blue to grey and infuse perfectly with green. Due to its dense surface, it is often considered to be the most durable type of granite that can be used indoors. It is mainly used to make countertops, in-wall interiors, and bathrooms. It can withstand heavy wear and tear and still give a shiny look to the interior.

Angola Silver Granite

Angola granite is named after the region of Angola from where it is quarried. The granite belongs to the black granite family and is the most popularly used granite in the world. Angola Granite slab is made up of a dark grey color with random white spots all over. It is the world’s shiniest granite forms and one of the most durable granite types used in any indoor finishing. Due to its shine and color, it is mostly used in the construction of countertops, but its sheen doesn’t diminish even when used in kitchens and bathrooms.

African Red Granite

One of the most beautiful and unique looking granite forms is African Red Granite. The name the granite belongs to the Red Granite family and is exclusive to South Africa. It is characterized by a dark red background with black and white spots along with a reddish pattern. This variety of colors and a unique design claim to fame and is a popular choice among interior decorators. It is also one of the most durable and waterproof granite types used domestically. Its vibrant look is mostly used in making countertops, floors, and wall interiors.

Over the centuries, various granite forms have proven to be the safest and good bet when it comes to interior designing. Using granite indoors is not only a good idea but also an economical one. Moreover, it is a proven way to win the appreciation of the onlookers.