How to choose the most suitable color for granite slab counters

Granite is a commonly used material for countertops. Not only is it very durable, but it also has many colors for you to choose from. You can easily set a mood by choosing the correct color countertop and decorating the rest of the room around it. How do you create a mood? And how do you know which color will work best in your home? This article will give you tips on how to choose a suitable color. Whether you want black granite slab counters , blue granite slab counters , white granite slab counters , green granite slab counters  or red granite slab counters , you can learn to style it easily with these tips.


What theme do you want to follow?

Typically, when you are designing a kitchen there is an aesthetic you would like to create. The color of your countertops will have a huge impact on whether you will achieve this. For example, if you are aiming to create a sleek modern kitchen you may choose a black granite slab or a white granite slab. You could achieve a bolder kitchen with green granite slabs. It is always good to imagine how your finished room looks so that you can match the style. Each color sets a different mood for example:

Black granite slab: This color is perfect to achieve an elegant look. If you are leaning towards a classical look pair it with wood cabinets. White or gray cabinets will create a modern and sleek feel. Black granite slab countertops look best in a room with a lot of natural light.

imported angola black granite small slab

Blue granite slab: You can either get blue granite slabs with blue and black bases which or the most popular or gray, brown and white bases. They mix well with many colors and therefore can create different moods. Such as, if you are trying to create a farmhouse-style kitchen a blue with a light gray base will look good.

Luxury Blue Azul Bahia Granite Slab For Floor Wall 2
Luxury Blue Azul Bahia Granite Slab For Floor Wall 2

White granite slab: This countertop color will give your room a clean and open feel. Pairing white granite slab countertops with steel appliances and white cupboards can create a modern look. However, they are very versatile and you can create any mood with it.

Elegant Bianco Antico White Granite Slab With Black Veins 8
Elegant Bianco Antico White Granite Slab With Black Veins 8

Green granite slab: This is the perfect color for a natural vibe. Pairs well with white and wooden cabinets.

Red granite slab: Makes a great focal point in the room. Styles well with brown or black accents for a warm and cozy mood.


Matching granite colors with your cabinets

If you do not want to achieve a specific theme or mood, pairing cabinet colors to the granite is also an option. You can do this either by matching the granite colors with the cabinets or matching the veins of the granite to the cabinets. Very often people will choose the second option, especially with bolder colors.

This will ensure that the color is not overwhelming.


Here are some popular pairs that create immaculate moods: White granite slabs with maple cabinets, black granite slabs with a light or medium shade of oak cabinets, green granite slabs with dark brown cabinets or red granite slabs with black cabinets.


Consider the room’s lighting

Choosing the perfect color also requires you to consider factors such as the lighting in the room. Having good lighting is essential in order to experience the full effect of beautiful granite countertops. If the room has very little to no natural light, a light-colored granite is preferable. It should have a lot of white or gold. If the room receives a lot of light, you can look at the darker colors too. A dark blue granite slab or a black granite slab will work in these rooms. The lighting not only affects the beauty of the granite, but also the size of the room. Darker colors tend to make the room smaller and light colors make the room larger.


Using a dark color in a room with little natural light can really make the room much smaller. In this instance, it would be wiser to choose a white granite slab. However, there is always the option to make use of artificial lighting if you are set on a specific color.


Visit showrooms to get a good visual

Many people make the mistake of shopping for granite online. You need to see the stone in person to get the full effect. There are fine patterns, textures and shades that can be missed as they are difficult to photograph. Even in-store might not give the full effect as the lighting in your room is probably different. Thus, getting samples is always a good idea too.


Each granite slab is very different to the next, even if they fall under the same color classification. Therefore, once you have decided on a color, you should choose your slab directly from a manufacturer. For example, if you have decided to use a red granite slab, look at multiple samples in the category. There are different shades, bases, patterns and veins on each slab. This way you can create a unique design in your kitchen because it is very unlikely that someone will have the same slab of granite as you.


What if you cannot choose between two colors?

Simply, you can use both. Use a lighter color on your island and a darker color for the rest. You can use contrasting colors or colors that complement them. When you decorate the rest of the room, try to choose colors that enrich both colors of the granite. This will really create a focal point on the island countertop.


Final thoughts

Remember, it is ultimately your decision to make. Pick the color that you have been longing to see in your room and design around it. Do not let the common choices pressurize you. If you want to go for a bold red granite slab, then go for it. This is simply a guideline to help you mix colors that blend well. There are many different methods of mixing colors, you can choose contrasting, monochromatic or even analogous colors. The result will still be beautiful and elegant if done right.