How to choose the most suitable marble slab countertop color

How to choose the most suitable marble slab countertop color

Marble countertops are extremely popular for adding personality to any room. White marble slabs and black marble slabs are most commonly used around the house. This article will open your mind up to other colors such as green marble slabspink marble slabs and red marble slabs. Choosing your color can sometimes be difficult. Carry on reading to find out how you can choose a color that best suits your lifestyle.

how to choose the most suitable marble slab countertop color

What should you base your color choice on?

Often people think the best approach to choosing a color is to match it with their existing items. Although this is logical and probably the easiest way to go about your choice, there are other options. So instead of solely considering the existing wall colors and items, think about the room as a whole and what it could be. Marble countertops are fairly pricey, so why not spend a little extra and reinvent the space. Consider repainting and replacing items with ones that match your new color scheme. The colors you choose will set the mood of the room. So, before you make a decision think about whether you want a cozy atmosphere or a spacious look.


Another factor that should be considered before you make a decision is the lighting of the room. Rooms with more natural light may feel cooler and rooms with less may appear warmer. The best way to make use of natural lighting is to choose colors that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. If your room receives a lot of natural yellow light throughout the day, you should consider cool tones for your counters and walls. A green marble slab countertop would be a great option to give the room a sophisticated appearance.

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Ultimately, your color choice should be based on what you desire. If you like the look of red marble slab countertops, then get that and design the rest of the room around it. To ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome, choose the most beautiful stone that you love regardless if it matches. The room can easily be fitted to match at a later stage.

new rose akagao red marble slab for floor tiles indoor designs
new rose akagao red marble slab for floor tiles indoor designs

How to match the stone color to your room

Once you have chosen a color, whether it be a bold pink marble slab or a sleek black marble slab, you can move on to a wall color. If you are aiming at a warm, cozy feel, you can take the monochromatic route. This means you should style the room with colors in the same color family so that they blend together.

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You could choose to style the room with colors adjacent to that of the stone on the color wheel. This is the analogous route. This will give the room a very soft feel. There should be one dominant color, that of the walls for example. The rest of the room should be designed with colors that will provide enrichment to the dominant color.


Use complementary colors for a motion and contrast feel. The best way to approach this method is to use a cool dominant color and warm colors for accents. It is a good idea to use the color adjacent to the color that is opposite on the color wheel to soften the contrast effect.


The last method is the triadic scheme. This involves using three colors that are spread evenly across the color wheel. This is best for a logical, harmonious and balanced mood.


Styling your room can be easy if you know what mood you want to go for. Imagine how each color combination will fit in with the room’s atmosphere. Such as if you decide you want an elegant and balanced look, you could choose to style a white marble slab countertop with brown and black features.

polished cary ice jade marble slabs&tiles used for floor and wall

Have you chosen the right color for your room shape?

Different shades of colors can drastically impact how big the room looks. Lighter shades tend to open a room up and make them look larger. Thus, you may decide to go with white marble slabs, pink marble slabs or even a lighter shade of green marble slabs. Darker shades will give the room a smaller feel. The black marble slabs, red marble slabs and darker green marble slabs will be best for this. You can use this color theory to change the shape of your room and put focal points where you wish.


Color combinations that will undoubtably look good

If your heart is set on that black marble slab for your countertops, here is how you can style it: Black is very dark, therefore it is best to choose colors that will bring light into the room. Colors that look appealing with black marble slabs are whites, and, light grays, soft taupe, pale yellow and caramel. You could, however, go for a dark contrast with cherry red or even burgundy. Chrome, stainless steel and brushed nickel kitchen appliances will also help brighten the space.


You could decide to have a more formal mood in your room and choose the green marble slab countertop. Often, they have veins which can be black, charcoal, gray or white. Looks at the color of the vein and match your accents to it in order to avoid colors clashing. Either go with white accents or create a green color scheme with gray-green accents.

Of course, there are a lot of color combinations that look amazing. This is simply a guideline for you to understand how colors can be used to blend or contrast in a room.


Final thoughts

If you know what theme and mood you want your room to have, choosing a marble color should be easy. Whether you are redesigning your kitchen, bathroom or any other room, you can give it an elegant look with the right colors. Remember, you can always repaint your walls and replace other objects. Choose the marble slab that fits the design in your mind and go with it. If you are unsure about your color combinations, you could always check an interior design book or speak to an interior designer.