Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring

Summary: Limestone flooring superbly complements modern household furnishings and even stylish electronics makes limestone flooring a popular choice

Architecture has seen its fair share of limestone. In fact, it’s the oldest building material used aside from wood. Like the Great Pyramid of Giza. Though still held in great debate as to how construction took place, it is only a marvel that limestone was used on a structure of such massive scale without the use of hydraulics.

Limestone flooring nowadays are being used particularly on elegant homes with modern and chic designs. The fact that it superbly complements modern household furnishings and even stylish electronics makes limestone flooring a popular choice. And it is quite hardy, though relatively liable to discoloration and staining, it can still outlive most building materials by a fair margin.

There had been issues about travertine being limestone and limestone having designs akin to travertine, like its being porous and characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. Although they are chemically the same with minor differences in composition, limestone cannot be defined as travertine, though limestone flooring can be bought having similar texture like those of travertine.

Limestone flooring doesn’t have much graining, most limestone flooring have smoothened texture and a granular surface but that is also dependent upon the request of the consumer. It also varies in hardness. Pure limestone flooring is chalked white or creamy white or yellow tones but it can also come in black, gray, and brown. Limestone is more likely to stain than marble, due to it being more porous than marble.

Like every other stone materials, limestone flooring is very heavy. It needs decent structural strength if it is to be installed on higher floors. Even on ground floors it still requires a decent strength sub floor.

Limestone floorings are installed by tiles and some limestone flooring tiles have patterns impressed on the surfaces to give it a higher aesthetic appeal. Here are some sites that deal with limestone flooring.

Alistair Mackintosh Ltd
Garretts Green, Bannerley Road
Birmingham, England. B33 OSL
Phone: 0121 784 6800 Fax: (44) 0121 789 7068

Check out the limestone flooring gallery of Alistair Mackintosh Ltd. You’ve got to see the selection of floor tiles available.

The Old House Web also boasts unique approaches to designing limestone flooring. The technique, they say of having the natural look of limestone is the materials themselves. Check out the details in this link:

The website of The Old House Web is at The limestone flooring materials they showcase are from Armstrong World Industries, Inc., which can be reached by contacting The Old House Web team or by this information.

Armstrong World Industries
2500 Columbia Ave. (17603)
P.O. Box 3001 Lancaster, PA 17604
Phone: (717) 397 0611