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Stone Columns – How To Make, Install And Clean Them?

Columns serve a very important purpose when it comes to construction. Irrespective of their type – stone, marble or granite – they are all important. Without columns, it would be difficult to build structures on the poor ground. But these simple yet amazing columns can help with that. Columns reduce the settlement of structures built on the soft soil. Thereby helping in soft soil stabilization.

Apart from the structural support, the stone columns serve more functions as well. For example, they also brilliantly add to the aesthetic appeal of buildings.

Continue reading on if you’re curious to find out just how the columns are made, installed and cleaned!

Stone Columns 1
Stone Columns 1

The Making of Stone Columns

Stone columns are made by crushing stone and gravel. Then the setting of the particles takes place with a vibrator. Firstly, vertical holes are created in the ground to start the process. Compact gravel and stone particles then used to fill up the holes. This step is important because it helps to strengthen the surrounding poor ground. The making of the column’s diameter can be as preferred. More stones just need to be pushed in to do this. After which vibrations set the stones in position. Until the desired diameter is achieved, the process continues.

Using Stone Columns for Various Reasons

Huge buildings aren’t the only places where stone columns are used. The making and installation of columns can take place in your yard even. But where would a column fit in your backyard, you may ask. The possibilities are endless. For example, you can build columns on either end of your driveway. This gives you the option of joining them together with a gate if needed. And of course, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of it. Marble and granite columns are also worthy considerations to install at home.

We’ve been talking about the structural importance of columns. A non-structural purpose like decoration is also something columns can be used for. Even left on its own, columns can be freestanding monuments as well. You can also crave these columns for more decoration.

Stone Columns 3
Stone Columns 3

Installation of Stone Columns

With the progress of technology, new column installation techniques have also emerged. Now, all columns are install using two techniques, including marble columns also. The technique is the vibro-replacement method, further divided into two. Both methods describe a little below.

Wet, Top Feed Method

In the first method, the ground is penetrated by blasting water and high-pressure air. They call “Liquefaction” of the surrounding ground as penetration. You can fill the base of the column easily as a result of this. It also helps to remove soft material that hinders the penetration. Wet, Top Feed is what the method is called.

Dry, Bottom Feed Method

Then the second installation method is the dry bottom feed one. Do not use water or air pressure for ground penetration in this. This method is an entirely dry one, as the name suggests.

Insert the penetration unit after the penetration. The ground is then filled with stones released with air pressure. Vibrating and compacting of the stones put them into positions then. Please install all types of columns in similar ways. These column types include marble columns and granite columns also.

Cleaning of Stone Columns

Stone installation is something most of us enjoy in our homes. But at the time, we don’t think of how we’ll clean it. It’s not just stone columns that we have at homes. It can be anything from a stone wall to a countertop. How you can clean these stone surfaces is the question then. The most homely solution to this is to use water with a neutral PH soap. Dishwashing soaps serve as an example of such soaps ideal for cleaning stone surfaces. You should not use acidic products on any stones. The same applies when cleaning marble columns or granite columns as well. For better cleaning, water, and a little ammonia can also be Pmix. Since ammonia is a base, so it won’t damage the stone.

Just clean using a sponge or a soft cloth. Even a soft brush can work. It is imperative that you use something soft. The surface won’t be scratch this way. Even when we don’t see it, some soft materials can cause scratches. For example, tissue paper looks soft but leaves the surface full of scratches. Dry off the surface with a soft towel after you finalize the cleaning. Whitish spots will appear on the columns if you don’t dry.

Add Your Column Now!

Are you attracted to getting columns installed? Then get them to install right now, there’s no better time! Decide whether you want marble columns, granite columns or any others. And then start the process. Whether it’s for construction purposes or not, doesn’t matter. At least it will look pretty and decorate your home.

Stone Columns 2
Stone Columns 2