Unique and Expensive Marble Floor Medallions to Use around the House

Unique and Expensive Marble Floor Medallions to Use around the House

Adding the right feel or giving a unique touch to your house with construction can be tricky, especially if you don’t know precisely what you want. Marbles have been used for centuries to enhance the look of a place and give it that luxurious and expensive feel. Marble Floor Medallions are even more sought afterMarbles are metamorphic rocks formed after years of physical and chemical changes under heat and immense pressure. The purest and expensive ones are found exclusively in Italy and Greece. Marbles interiors and exteriors are now considered a necessity in any form of construction but are highly sought after in-home structures.

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From Marble floor Medallions to simple floor and wall tiles, marbles are considered a must-have for any house nowadays. New homeowners might find it challenging to choose from a wide variety and types of marbles that simultaneously depict their personality and look subtle and attractive. Following are some of the styles that might be a bit expensive but will give that unique feeling to your décor, overall.

Statuario Marble

One of the unique and rarely found marbles that is exclusively mined in Italy; Statuario belongs to a white marble family and is one of the easily recognized ones. Sharp, dark grey lines streak through the marble slab against a light grey background. In Italy, sculptors mainly use it to make statues and other artistic pieces, hence the name Statuario Marble. It is excellent for making countertops and polishing them for making floors. Its rarity is what makes it expensive and the most sought-after marble slabs in the world.







White Himalaya Marblehigh quality burma ariston white marble slab

As the name suggests, this also belongs to the white marble family and is only found in Greece. Unlike other white marble types that come with a black or a grey vein against a white background, this one comes in purple, brown, and grey streaks against the same experience. This subtle difference in veins is what makes this marble slab unique. It is exclusively used in flooring and in bathrooms to give the interior a light and comforting touch.

Dark Emperador

This is the most elegant marble used in interior design, mainly due for its dark brown color. Belonging to the Brown marble family, this marble slab is recognized by a light brown web-like streaking against a dark brown background. It is exclusively extracted in Turkey and is considered one of the expensive marbles to decorate your home with. It can be used in flooring or countertops. Brown Marble Tiles are used to give a bold look and a premium touch to your interior.

French Brown Marble

This marble slab also belongs to the brown marble family and is quarried in India. Sharp black streaks characterize it against a greyish brown background. The marble slab at first glance looks like a wooden block which makes it ideal for interior design. It is also one of those rare marbles that can be used in the house’s exterior decoration. Since it’s only found in India, it can prove to be a little expensive for European and American customers.=

Nero Portoro

This marble is found and extracted only in Italy and belongs to the Black Marble family. This is by far the most unique and beautiful marble one can use in their houses. This Marble slab’s beauty comes from the naturally formed leopard print, infused with a light creamy brown and golden color against a black background. Its unique design makes it ideal for large rooms as it shines bright when used in a luxurious bathroom. Black has always been associated with class and elegance, using this Black Marble Slab only further proves that.

French Red Marble

French Red Marble has long been seen as a symbol of luxury and good taste. Early Romans were a massive fan of this marble slab and used it extensively in their decorations. Found and quarried exclusively in France its uniqueness comes from its design. White streaks against a dark red background make it ideal for tiles, floors, and pavements. Red Marble tiles look very elegant in any interior and accentuate the rest of the Interior’s colors.

Rojo Alicante

This marble also belongs to the red marble family and is exclusive to the Spanish and Italian regions. Homeowners have also used this marble slab for hundreds of years. Its uniqueness comes from a fossil-like imprint which is casually streaked by a white color against a red background. This makes it ideal for countertops and flooring as the red always give off high and positive energy where ever it is installed. The unique design patterns and color combination makes this marble the most sought after in the world.

Pink Spider Marble

As the name implies, it belongs to the pink marble family and is only found in China. Dark red streaks identify this marble slab against a pale pink background. This color combination makes it unique for any interior of the house, as pink enhances the objects’ colours. It can be used in countertops, but its properties come through when used in designing bathrooms.

Giallo Monforte Marble

This is the most unique and sought-after marble in the world. Belonging to the yellow marble family and quarried only in Italy its claim to fame comes from its color. This marble slab is characterized by its bright yellow color, which gives off a look of real gold. Naturally, with these attributes, this marble is a popular choice among the wealthy and elite. As with all marbles, this can also be used in flooring, tiling, and countertops. But it shines when used in an interior setting, especially in the kitchen as it is known to give off a cozy and positive vibe.

Building a home that reflects your personality and taste is never easy and may cost an arm and a leg. Marbles are costly but can help potential new homeowners make their new living space look more beautiful, elegant and vibrant. The granite types mentioned above are a premium choice for anyone desiring a luxurious interior.