What are Travertine Tiles Pros and Cons?


Travertine mosaic tiles come from the mineral deposits from natural springs.  The material has an outstanding character. This is because of the mixing of minerals with calcite. The mixing gives it unique movement and swirls.  Because of its special nature, it is one of the most commonly used materials for flooring. You can also use it for walls.

gray color stone travertine tiles for indoor design
gray color stone travertine tiles for indoor design

Travertine is a natural stone and very popular. In fact, it is the most commonly used type out there today.  Travertine differs from other stones in terms of hardness and appearance. It has a more impressive appearance and this is why they use it for producing travertine tiles. The use of cheap travertine tiles can make your home look outstanding.  The beauty of travertine tiles makes them stand out. It is also highly durable. As a result, many homeowners prefer to use it for their homes. You can use it for the walls and floors of homes successfully. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you the pros and cons of using travertine mosaic tiles and other types.


Great appearance 

Dark travertine tiles and virtually all other types of travertine tiles come with a great appearance. You would think it had been around for a very long time.  After installation, it will confer a timeless appearance on your home.  The color varieties make it unique.  All the color types are stunning and will make your home look great.  Even the light travertine tiles come in various patterns. You are free to choose any that is ok by you among them.


The durability of the cheap travertine tiles is one feature that makes it more attractive to builders and homeowners. As a result, you can use it for several purposes in the home. They come with a non-slip texture and this makes it very easy for people to walk on them. The non-slip texture means your feet can easily grip the surface.  Furthermore, the travertine mosaic tiles can resist extreme temperature. This factor greatly contributes to its use by many homeowners.

Very easy to shape and cut

Additionally, the material is very easy to shape and cut.  This makes it very easy to use for home interior.  As a result of the ease of use, homeowners can easily use the material for filling oddly shaped spaces during interior decoration.

Value for money

You will get good value for money when you buy this product. It can make your home interior look very beautiful. As a result, it will increase the market value of the home.



Travertine kitchen tiles are not cheap at all. This is one of the many features that make it not so attractive to many homeowners and interior designers. The price is higher than that of many other materials, like marble.  Despite the high price, it is not better than marble in terms of durability.

Porous in texture

The product is porous in texture. This is one disadvantage of the cheap travertine tiles.  There are so many holes in the material you can even see signs of wear and tears after using the product for a while. The porosity greatly affects the reliability and longevity of the product.  This casts doubts on its strengths also and many hoe users doubt its ability to get the job done. The porosity equally makes the product to be lightweight and may not be the best choice for heavy-duty operations.

Can get stained very easily

One other problem is that the product can get stained very easily. It is also susceptible to etching. These are some other factors that make travertine kitchen tiles not so exciting.  This means that homeowners will need to do a lot of cleaning for the product.  When it etches, you will need to go through a lot of stress to repair the problem.

You will have to get special products for sealing etch in the travertine mosaic tiles.  This can cause you to spend some more money and can add to the overhead cost of procuring the material.  You will also need special cleaning products to remove stains from the product.  If you leave stains on the material for a very long time, it can cause a permanent stain on the material. You will need to get a special cleaning product to clean the material.  The best thing to do is to remove stains from the surface immediately such a stain comes in contact with it.  You should not allow spills to stay for long on the surface at all.

The etching we mentioned above does occur frequently. So, you will have to seal it from time to time. This kind of problem does not occur in a material like marble. So, people tend to prefer marble to light travertine tiles because of this.


It is slippery and this discourages many people from buying it. It is also very cold underfoot and not the best for your home in the cold winter months. You will need to place a carpet or rug under your feet so that you will not feel the cold.

Sensitive to acid

Travertine kitchen tiles are sensitive to acid and this is one of the many negative features of the product.  The product is made of calcium carbonate and can react with acid.  It can even react with weak acids. So, it can react with foods that contain weak acid. Because of this, many homeowners do not like to use the product in the kitchen. Travertine kitchen tiles are, therefore, not the perfect idea for many homeowners. You may want to discuss with a good interior designer about installing travertine tiles in your kitchen.


Even if travertine dark travertine tiles have some notable disadvantages, they are still of top quality.  You will still find them to be very useful for the home and they can help to transform your home a great deal.  While dark travertine tiles could be a good choice for interior designing, you should use it with care. Make sure you properly consider the pros and cons before you use it. This will help you to make informed decisions about the product when buying.